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Friday, January 4, 2008

Do you see what they see?

Do these look like guns to you?

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No, Jack, they look like rifles.

Aren't rifles guns?

They look like an orange, stylized representation of pollution flowing out of the plants of Big Business into our precious rivers.

Yep, 3 rifles,my 8 year old also said yes on the guns.

geez....I saw abstractions of landscape particular to that region. If they were guns wouldn't they be black with fire coming out of them.....?

With the gun suggeston I immediatly saw 3 rifles. But, if no gun suggestion had been made I more then likely would of only seen an abstract design of waves or water flowing.

Yup...guns, rifles... and just plain ugly to boot.
The city need to get its money back on that one.

Aren't rifles guns?

A question answered for you on the first day of basic training.

hilarious ... Full Metal Jacket, indeed.

Yeah, does kinda look like ol'timey rifles. I'm less likely to see the handgun version. Though, if you look at it as maroon on yellow, between the guns, it looks like two pairs of shearers (you know, for shearing livestock).

Maybe people are projecting their own thoughts on to an abstract piece? (And why I am thinking about shearers?)

It's like asking Huckabee whether that was really a cross or not floating behind him as he gave his Christmas message.

They look like rifles to me.

Rifles. And why not in a part of the country where you can buy them at Wal-mart?

Looks like the hindquarters of three ungulates fleeing from riflemen.

Y'all missed the funniest part of the article:

"Four people have contacted the nonprofit Committee for Downtown Yakima to voice their concerns, said Mandi Ellison, the committee's director of user experience."

Focus on the negative image reveals old time ink pens. Anyone have a problem with those?

Reading the linked YakimaHerald article was quite telling. An apparently unemployed Yakima resident "independent designer" ignited the complaints about the design created by a Seattle based design firm.

I guess its all in the flow of the commision dollrs.

I saw rivers and ridges between the rivers, not guns.

Could have been worse.

Kinda look like rifles I guess, but who cares? I have seen similar graphics on cars owned by teenagers. Just doesnt seem like that big of deal.

Everyone sees what they want to see. If you hadn't biased me, I would have seen rivers, but since you did, I immediately saw rifles.

"Looks like the hindquarters of three ungulates..."

You saw Hillary in it?

The Rorschach test? They look like penises.

"Could have been worse."

Thanks, Jack! I've been struggling over a new landscape design concept for my place. Ahhhh, subliminal motivation.

They look like three rivers to me.

Are there any rivers near Yakima?

If you stand on your head and look at them, they say, "Paul is dead."

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