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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Big night for Ime Udoka

I miss this guy. He's starting to come on for the Spurs.

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I hear you, but they had to do something since they were deep at the 2-3 position and they already have about 11 (or is it 13) guaranteed spots.

Think we can get Ime back? He can opt out of his terrible contract (2 years at $1M per year) after this season. I would trade Martell for Ime, straight up, in a heartbeat.

I have to admit, though, I never thought Outlaw would play as well as he has, or that James Jones (who?) would come in and lead the NBA in 3 point shooting.

I sure wish we had found a place for Ime here. I know Outlaw has won a couple of games with last minute shots and and shoot over anyone, but he may never have Udoka's smarts and grit. Last night Popovich had hims playing most of the second half and guarding Kobe, who had a sizzling first half. But with Udoka on him, he really cooled off. The points Udoka scored were just gravy. Interviewed after the game, Tim Duncan raved about his defense. This is pretty amazing, since Udoka was taking the place of a guy who's always on the all-defensive team, Bruce Bowen.

It's hard to figure how Udoka would fit into the current Blazer rotation, but there could be a roster spot for him. After all, the team has four point guards and yet give the ball to Brandon Roy in the final quarter, so one of them could be expendable.

Ok. I agree. I love Ime's game and that he is from Portland. Love to have him playing here again. But the Blazers are developing a team for the future and not for today. And at 30 later this year Ime is better suited for a team for today and not tomorrow. These kids may be playing here for another 10 years plus and Ime probably won't be. I think he is in a great spot for him right now and wish him all the luck in the world. A class act.

Greg C

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