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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Batting 1.000

Looks like old Governor Ted has applied enough Spray 'n' Wash to the skid marks he's been picking up from Sheriff Bernie. That fearless rescuer of damsels in distress has been replaced as the east county representative on the Tri-Met board by a Teamsters guy. Too bad for the sheriff -- one less place to meet babes.

But it gets even funnier. The Teamsters guy who's replaced him, Lynn Lehrbach, turns out to be a big Lyndon LaRouche backer! I see he also got into it with Multnomah County over his personal income tax obligations.

You can't make this stuff up. Another great appointment, Ted.

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I testified yesterday at the PDX council on the street "maintenance" fee, but just before this agenda item a couple of Lyndon LaRouche people talked to the council about freezing foreclosures. This seems kind of dumb for a number of reasons. One, I know of people who speculated buying homes they intended to flip. Speculators need to get caught by the market once in awhile just to keep them honest. Two, it would probably cause lenders to pull back on lending even further in Portland where construction activity is not nearly as slow as in other places nationally. Three, if applied nationally, it probably lengthens the time it takes for the economy to works way out of the current mortgage credit crisis.

The LaRouchites were out in force at Jefferson High for the City Council meeting Wednesday. It always amazes me that a kook like LaRouche can pick up new supporters every four years.

Hm. How many Ron Paul supporters are there reading this blog and sneering at a "nut" like LaRouche?

This board should be elected and not appointed.


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