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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wretched refuse

This kid gives new meaning to the phrase "white trash."

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That kid is very lucky the cops saw her being dumped into the garbage truck. If she had not been seen, it is entirely possible the driver may have started the compactor and the girl might have been crushed. It's been known to happen to homeless people in Portland.

Surely the consequence of parental abuse, lack of (mental) health care, grossly underfunded schools and a lack of decent after-school programs. C'mon, give the kid a break - this is our fault.

Pretty close to this white trash who's attempting to catch up with Tanya Harding.


Too much TV?

So your racist comments are noted Jack and not appreciated. It seems to me that the race of the criminal was not published as usual by the drive by media. (of which I accuse you of being)

Where does it say what color he/she was Jack? Maybe she was an illegal mexican alien, or a ghetto bastardized black wanna be gangster.

What color are you Jack? Maybe you should rethink your liberal leftist white bashing agenda Jack! Or is it Jackowitz?

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