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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Winter is icumen in

It's getting on to be that time of year. Yesterday we searched around on the TV for a football game to provide the backdrop for our afternoon nap on the couch. Couldn't find one. And it just seems too early for college basketball. So we clicked around on the Muzak channels and found "Traditional Holiday." Don't worry, pretty much all the songs are still allowed to say "Christmas." But I conked out hard and didn't get too far past Andy Williams.

Now the old mercury's down to 27.0 F. And I see the neighbor around the corner's got his serious Christmas lights up. I'm making the proverbial "note to self" on that one, but it's getting tacked on top of a growing pile of such notes.

Dumped a bunch of food scraps into the worm composting bin yesterday afternoon. No sign of those boys -- I'm sure they're hunkering down deep. They don't each much this time of year, and heck, this morning the top stuff's going to be frozen anyway. Better find a bucket of leaves and give them a blanket.

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We are reading 28.2 on our new Costco special Heavy Weather station. I was tickled when I read your comment your comment on college football and basketball, a similar sentiment was uttered in this household by the male contingent almost verbatim.

The "Weatherbug" thing on my screen has inched up to 28.0.

Are you asking for some leaves?

No. We have leaves. If you would like to rake them up for us, however...

Lately I have taken to turning on C-SPAN as background for my Saturday/Sunday afternoon naps. It works because the tone between presentations is pretty equal, unlike broadcast television, where you might get a football game followed by a shrill 30-minute commercial for OxyClean or something.

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