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Monday, December 17, 2007

The richest person in Turkey

... is a graduate of Oregon State University.

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He needs to send some of those billions back our way.

Seems like a neat guy.

He played basketball at OSU? He arrived in the fall of '63 probably, just missing the Beavers' Final Four appearance the previous spring, and thus never playing with Terry Baker. But there would be a chance he played with Jim Jarvis and Mel Counts.

Only I followed Beaver basketball back then and you'd think a guy named Ozegin(sp) would stick out.

(Ozyegin) "needs to send some of those billions back our way". Well he sure isn't sending them to another planet.
Loren Parks, also from Oregon, IS sending some of his money back our way.
Evidence that motive is more important than money: Ozyegin lives with his return on investment, Parks watches the effects of his investment from a safe distance.

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