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Saturday, December 8, 2007

The beat goes on

The New York Times real estate types were in Sisters recently.

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And we thought property values in utopia were already high.

A 70% increase in four years?

I'm sure that's going to last.

Oh, great. First Bend gets the NYT overexposure... now Sisters.

McCall said: "Visit but don't stay."

Harry says: "Nothing to see here, move along."

I think the time has come to ban all NY Times writers from the State of Oregon...

Like Harry said ....we need to go back to Tom McCall rules...there are more than enough transplants here......

They didn't mention the prospect of forest or grassland fires in that article. Or maybe the writer just didn't see or couldn't recognize burned over trees.

"They didn't mention the prospect of forest or grassland fires..."

Yep, pretty much a yearly threat of getting your house burned down. Not to mention a frequent, unforgiving wind all times of year, brutally cold winters and chilly night time temps in the summer.

I'd love to see some Florida transplant attempt more than one winter in Sisters.

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