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Monday, December 10, 2007

SoWhat Quotation of the Day

From a post over on Metroblogging:

It's all driven by careerism. Identify the kind of development planners most want on their resum├ęs, and most likely to get wonks on professional association speakers lists, and that's what will get built next in Portland. Best for Portland? Doesn't matter. Appropriate for site? Doesn't matter. Wanted by locals? Doesn't matter. Ignores long-identified needs? Doesn't matter. Can we afford it? Doesn't matter. Cover article on international planning wonk publication? Start it tomorrow!

Comments (2)

Just find a power broker with a lotta bucks and a desire to have their name engraved in stone....or whatever.

There is a big difference between rational comprehensive planning that looks at the impacts of a project on urban systems, and project planning that doesn't give a rat's a** about anything else. A difference too frequently missed among the Portland boosters. I would like to see Anna G at the O study this difference. The boosterism in her piece today on Randall O'Toole was a disappointment.

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