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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Rose Garden to be renamed

It was just a matter of time.

You wish it would be something like Nike or McMenamin's. But you know it's going to be something like Comcast or Bank of America. Oh well.

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I'm certainly disappointed about this news. Hopefully, any name will keep the Rose Garden part -- something like "The ______ Rose Garden".

Neil Goldshmidt Rose Garden

Nah. How about the Bankruptcy Bowl?

The Go By Streetcar Center

Here's Your chance, pay attention CoP, Latino community. "Cesar Chavez Memorial Arena"

Second the Rose Garden confusion. Sam Adams (the beer) Arena.

Dignity Village

Red Square

On the name change, see blog "Time to pay attention" directly above.

The SoWhat Garden.

The won't name it after a bank -- too much subprime debt. Or maybe they could call it the Subprime Arena and get WaMu to bid for naming rights.

McMenamin's would have been great. They could have decorated the concession areas with creepy pictures ala Kennedy School and installed springs under the floor.

B-ball...PDX Style.

How about "I Never Promised You A Rose Garden"

The very day before this news came out, I was thinking that for all his failings, at least Paul Allen hadn't screwed up the name of the arena where his team plays basketball. This after hearing sportscasters in Utah talk about Energy Solutions Arena, which is just a very silly name.

When I was growing up, the names of sports stadiums had a hallowed authority: Yankee Stadium, Madison Square Garden, Boston Garden, Fenway, Wrigley Field (named for the family more than for the company), Forbes Field, and even our own little Civic Stadium.

Couldn't help but notice that Oregonian sports columnist John Canzano has accused the Blazers of...well, horrible things really. "What have the Blazers done wrong, now?" you ask.

Well according to Canzano it is terrible that the Blazers team is going to sell the rights to re-name the Rose Garden to corporations.

Corporations, ladies and gentlemen...

Let me make sure I understand this.

Canzano gets a paycheck from The Oregonian (reportedly no less than six figures) AND from KXL Radio (reportedly high 5-figures) because corporations buy ad space in the paper and on the radio but yet he thinks it is terrible for the Blazers to.............

No, quite frankly I DON'T understand this.

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