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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

River advisory

Avoid contact with the Willamette River in Portland for the next 24 hours. There's been another overflow.

Comments (9)

Nice photo op, seems to say "I do know what real work is, look at my hard hat"

"Portland better get ready for another shaft. A new tax for more toy trains with jokes about me reducing congestion."

That photo screams "Village People"

I smell progress!

I dunno, but when you're in a sewer tunnel, is it smart to look up?

Even with those smart-looking glasses?

Somehow that work tram in the tunnel
with SHam reminds me of a Seattle tune.....Ride the SLUT....

Do the overflow allerts include the times when the city council gets too close to the river? Or the condo developers or the PDC execs?
Pollution has many forms.

With all the negative news coming out of Portland, Sam not having a photo op for the past two days, and city elections coming up, I just knew it was about time for Sammy to devise another reason for a positive photo op. It really makes sense to close down a $1.5 BILLION dollar construction project so that Sam can have his picture taken.

And I thought that was Saltzman's baby. Is Sham A Dams of the Damn Tram Scam schmoozing over into other commissioners' bailiwicks?

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