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Monday, December 3, 2007

Rare species

The other night the Mrs. and I were walking along Alberta Street when we spied a Christmas tree lot across the way. We've been buying our trees every year from a church lot near our house -- we recently switched from Doug firs to nobles -- and it's outrageously expensive, but convenient.

Anyway, the sign over the lot on that Alberta corner caught our eyes.

Me: "All sizes $10." Wow.

She: What kind of tree is it we get again?

Me: From now on, the $10 kind.

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Or you could ask yourself, "How is it that tree lot can sell trees for a mere $10? Are the trees donated, stolen, from China?" There is a lot of stolen nursery stock that gets sold somewhere.

Not green, I suppose, but we went over the wall four or five years ago and bought a fake, pre-wired (with lights) tree at Home Depot. Never looked back. It's probably an age-related thing. I suppose that if we had young children at home, we would have to take their opprobrium (not to mention obloquy and calumny) into consideration.

Oh yes, I went with the fake prewired tree about three years ago. Bought my parents one as well. I was getting way too old for that heavenly holiday experience of crawling on my belly in the mud with a band saw at u-cut places. And of course the recutting of the stump and trying to level the darn thing with those little screws in the base.

Now I just bring the box down from the attic, pull out the pieces, pop em together and plug er in. Too lovely!

You can get a permit from the forest service to cut your own Christmas trees for 5$.


You can get a permit from the forest service to cut your own Christmas trees for 5$.

MAX doesnt go out to the forest...

We bought a fake tree a few years ago as well. Mainly because of the cost of the trees. The last time we bought a tree, it was a 7-ft doug fir that they wanted $65 for. Not any more.

I got one of those $5 permits from the Forest Service a few years back. It's not a bad deal so long as you don't mind tromping through the snow under large, humming powerlines to find a tree within the height range specified on the permit. I ultimately found a decent tree, but the powerlines certainly detracted from the experience.

I go native - fork over the 5 spot, rent snow shoes or x country skis (depending on snow conditions) bring a thermos full of hot chocolate and Schnapps, and help the forest service thin it's noble firs (silver tips). Generally peaceful and a great work out. The outing always inspires a sense of satisfaction even if the tree looks a bit sparse. It's a festivus tradition. Kids love it.

fake trees? too much money?
Thats no way to support farming.
no on 49

I dunno about kids being into it today. My daughter told me cutting down trees was bad! I asked her where she heard that...she said her teacher told the class that. She was in the second grade at the time.

I tried the Forest Service bit one year: Trudged up various logging roads until we found THEE tree. It was a little sparse on one side as it was in the shadow of another tree, but the show side looked great. Took it home, decorated it, and stood back to view the wonder. It fell, side heavy with ornaments, and broke our many hand-painted ornaments. Fake tree time for me!

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