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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Nice and easy does it

I'm not the world's most efficient Christmas shopper. I roam around and wind up covering a lot of the same ground twice every year. When it comes to making up my mind about that perfect gift, I usually have a hard time pulling the trigger. And with good reason -- when I've bought gifts impulsively, they've often been disasters.

Anyway, today I began my Santa forays in earnest, and I discovered a little pocket of gifty goodness that you shouldn't miss if you have people of the female persuasion on your list. You wouldn't think NE 13th and Fremont would be a place to find beautiful and distinctive jewelry, art, or clothing, but hey, you can't go wrong at either Splurge or a couple of doors down at Sofia. And you can have a glass of wine or a rare beer at Bodega. Avoid the crowds, head over there, and thank me later.

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Jewelry and art are great ideas -- but I'm staying away from buying clothing. My significant other can barely stand the way I dress myself, so I'll refrain from imposing my fashion sense on her.

You want a nice holiday treat: Go look at that steam locomotive at Oaks Park. It's crazy fresh.

Thanks for the tip. I loathe crowds and like sticking close to home.

For jewelry, I've got to recommend Emily-Jane's at about 15th and Broadway. Nice local shop with fun funky jewelry wifey likes. I like spending my money locally. :)

If you like jewelry, art, unusual items, beer, and spending locally, you shouldn't miss the Portland Saturday (Sunday too) Market.

There are only a few more shopping days left before Christmas Eve. The Market will be open Dec 9th and then from Dec 15-24th is the annual 'Festival of the Last Minute'.

You'll find the Portland Saturday (Sunday too) Market under the west end of the Burnside Bridge and the area ajoining it.

Hopefully the Market will return the first weekend in March.

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