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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

It's o.k. to be jealous

I got this for Christmas, and you didn't:

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Is it solid or hollow?

Merry Christmas! And a white one at that!

There's a story behind this cow's head. Can you tell us what it is?

My friends are trying to tell me something. But I'm not sure what. Maybe when last night's festivities wear off a little, I will get it.

Did they make you an offer you tried to refuse?

Militant Vegans?

Wealthy heirs to the Laughing Cow fortune?

Was it carved out of wood?

In unpredictable Storm of the Century fashion, we have a 1/2 of wet snow in SW Portland (about 300' elevation), and the big wet flakes continue to fall.

The WeatherLady just said "no accumulations" (ahem!).

Hey, at least it wasn't the hind end of another quadruped we could name.

Do you have "cow rustlers" on your family tree?

Godfather imitators that got confused?

I'll see your cow head and raise you this one........

I feel kinda dumb. I thought it was chocolate moose.

To answer the first question, it is hollow. The back is made of wood. The sculpted surface appears to be a plaster of some kind. I took a long nap, but I still don't get it.

Hmmm. The head of Elsie. What could it mean?

Sometimes a cow head is just a cow head.

Sometimes a cow head is just a cow head.

Having been raised on a big cow ranch in southern Oregon, I'm just at a loss, as to what it may mean.


1. Godfather imitators that got confused? (best possiblity)

2. A signal, your blog maybe getting read at city hall more then you think.

3. The council has voted you off the island.

Please fill in your thoughts as this mystery is uncovered.

The Cow, a bovine

1)Of, relating to, or resembling a ruminant mammal of the genus Bos, such as an ox, cow, or buffalo.
2) Sluggish, dull, and stolid.

2) Sluggish, dull, and stolid.

Not in Jack's close circle, but if there is lineage to the above, he is not even close to the defined post on our bovine friends.

Grew up on a ranch, if you ever tried to milk a cow. and they aren't buying your cold hands..... Sluggish, dull, and stolid, is not how they act.

Lemme guess, left in your bed by the Potter & the "4th Ave. Mafia" to warn you about talking critical of them in the coming year?

The answer came to me in a dream:

There are no sacred cows left, thanks to BoJack.

If the council "mafia", did it, Randy should be reported to PETA!

I'm not even going to ask about that moose head...

Thinking outside the barn, perhaps it's a de-horned bull?

"Thinking outside the barn" heh heh.

Everyone has a ruminant head in their living room. I thought you got that gold chair for Christmas!

I got a "Hillary Nutcracker"
Thighs of steel!

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