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Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm going to my next neighborhood association meeting

I think we need one of these.

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Might be just the answer for those ice storm power outages.

Now that is a perfect Xmas gift for me.

Please don't show that to Opie and Fireman Randy!

you been visiting my blog?

Nope. Got a tip from a reader this morning.

Are you cleanin' out the basement to make room?

Ours is going in the back yard. We are using it as part of a play structure.

Just think, you can be the envy of the whole neighborhood. I would hate to think of what my neighbor might do in our escalating battle of "keeping up with the Jones."

There's one at Reed College. I have yet to see anyone complain about how it's "dangerous." Can you guess why?

Bet you kicked up a fuss in planning departments all over NW Oregon.

Now I spose you will want to use that local power to run a local sewage treatment facility that burns the waste and drops the purified ash in a one quart zip-lock baggie about every two months?

Imagine what the permit will cost for either of those?

Good idea, I'm putting mine in our 1959 bomb shelter.

Careful, folks. Those of you investing in these just might be accused of manufacturing WMD.

Hey, if enough people get one, they might be able to sell enough power back to PGE that we can save the fishies and the birdies.

How is 'w' gonna keep "I'm a dinner jacket" from ordering one on line and having it sent FEDEX to Iran?

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