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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

If it matters to Oregonians...

In The Washington Post, it's a mysterious virus that presents a life-threatening health hazard, sending a shocking number of Oregonians to the hospital for extended stays and leaving at least one previously robust teenager with memory loss and an unknown medical future.

In The Oregonian, it's nothing to worry about, just wash your hands a lot and get a flu shot.

Sounds like Bob Packwood, doesn't it?

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Ewwwwwwwwww. One of my girlfriends at Thee O had a run-in with Bob P. as he exited the men's bathroom -- zipping up. And reaching for her hand at the same time.

Double ewwww.

Hey, it's NAWACOTID today, y'all. Don't forget.

Oh goody, another "credible" Packwood story. Just like the woman who claimed to be working in a locked, darkened restaurant, and had Packwood sneak up behind her and run his hand all the way from her ankle to her thigh. While she just stood there. Riiiiiight.

Two approaches:

a) OMG a killer cold virus! Everybody PANIIIIIC!!!1!
b) Or, you know, just wash your hands, get a flu shot, and don't hesitate to see your doc for colds that keep getting worse.

Maybe it's just me, but I kinda like the second option there. It's not like the first would actually be helpful.

It's quite the sickness...both my husband and I had it, and recovered well, but my neighbor across the street has it and was taken away in an ambulance last night due to his symptoms. His next door neighbor was hospitalized for two days as well.

The Oregonian article puts this thing in perspective by noting that the flu kills 30,000 every year. Worrying about this adenovirus is like worrying about getting struck by lightning.

The Oregonian completely missed THREE of the biggest stories in Portland over the past 20 years:

Packwood's Very Long Tongue, The Poisoning of Whitaker and Neil and the girl.

In MLB, three strikes and you're out, which is why The Oregonian's circulation is falling faster than Bush's approval ratings.

The essence of what the DHS health worker is saying is, "hey, flue causes more deaths so get a shot. - for flue- There is no claim the flue vaccine is effective against this rare virus. I might don a mask around pneumonia patients. I'd sure like to know the name of the Portland hospital in which the cluster of 14 cases occurred?

Maybe we aren't to concerned about this particular deadly flu because we are still waiting for the Bird Flu to do us all in.

flue? I'll bet Santa is worried.

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