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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Geezer's dream

This would have been something to attend -- a full-length concert by Led Zeppelin (Jason Bonham filling in for his late dad). The set list is here.

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Where's "The Ocean?" "Out on the Tiles?" "Custard Pie?" "The Crunge?" "In the Evening?"

Looks like they sold out and just played their top FM spinners, leaving their best songs off the list.

Looks like they sold out

1. it was a tribute concert.

2. they played for over two hours.

3. only a couple on the set list were "top FM spinners." in fact, LZ was legendary for having very few radio hits.

Looks like they sold out?

Yeah, thirty years ago.

It does look like they were wearing Depends-brand undergarments at this show, though, so perhaps there are some new sources of ad-revenue in their future.

"It does look like they were wearing Depends-brand undergarments..."

I though Robert Plant's famous "bulge" looked extra-big....

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