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Friday, December 14, 2007

First shoe drops

This week at OHSU: Austerity.

As soon as the Legislature is back in session: Bailout.

Meanwhile, from the Portland City Council: Continued drainage.

And of course, it wouldn't be OHSU without another linchpin.

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Meanwhile, Sam's going to triple spending for bike paths. Doesn't he know that bikes hit potholes too?

"Pressed to be more specific, Robertson said those measures could include reductions in internal research funding"

Huh? But the Tram was the linchpin to Biotech research expansion in South Watefront and 10,000 high paying jobs.

There's not even enough research expansion to keep the current level of "internal research funding"?

That sounds like a reduction in research.

But Kohler and Katz continued pushing research as the justification for the Tram and South Waterfront even after outside and OHSU experts said they were wrong.

I wonder when the new guy will be pressed to expalin why Kohler should not be asked to give back his lavish retirement?

Where's Vera, or Neil Godlschmidt who started this reckless scam. One which lined his and his friends'pockets.

"Discipline" is certainly not the first word that comes to mind when I think of OHSU.

OHSU is a malignant growth. Naturally it wants to expand. Have you ever seen a picture of this mess from the air? It looks like some central planning bureau in Russia. If OHSU wants to become a better place it should focus on how it treats its patients and the liability cap. Try to do better by, (oh, I don't know), a little boy whose brain you damaged - and not just have your PR hack roll over in bed and tell the Oregonian how great things are. But where's my Holiday Spirit? Okay, the fun concept here is "rebalancing of research revenues and costs." Rebalancing. Things were balanced before but now they have to be balanced again. I LOVE these clowns. That phrase should read "respinning of old spin into new spin." Hey, I know. If there's a shortage of research projects, why don't you try inserting the tram up your ass?


"Mounting losses from unfunded research expenses and medical education have consistently drained the university's finances and underminded its stability during a period of bold expansion."

"Underminded." heh-heh-heh-heh.

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