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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Another vice principal shows the kids who's boss

I hope they learned their lesson.

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When a school doesn't have the power to even impose a dress code, it's the lowest common denominator is boss.

Maybe the school should focus a little more on education and a little less on the color of socks.

Another first ammendment right reinforced, another lesson for the kids that rules shouldn't have to apply to Them. Another example of why free public education has increasingly less value and greater cost.

I hope these alleged parents enjoy the season knowing that their action cost the taxpayers the equivalent of a full-time teacher for a school year. For a Goddamned pair of socks!

Okay, the child was DISCIPLINED for wearing socks with a cartoon character (and a corporately endorsed one at that) which is a good thing, because we all know that flaunting a mindless dress code leads down the slippery slope to Columbine, right? Edumacation in this country today is brilliant in its inability to make meaningful distinctions between behavior that is harmless and normal, and that which is not. Maybe the schools should focus on engaging children's minds, and not sweat the trivia.

When a school has the power to impose a dress code, and does so, the lowest common denominator prevails. Why, if dress codes are the way to go, why not enforce black trousers, light brown shirts and Sam Browne belts...a classic neat look?

With another First Amendment right enforced, the students have learned that they live by the same rules as the adults. I'd say it was a real decent lesson to stymie fascism at the schools and encourage liberty, expression and thought, rather than mindless conformity.

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