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Thursday, December 6, 2007

A small business "bill of rights"? In Portland?

Could have fooled me.

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I'm not a fan of TRIMET, but this sounds like a group of little pinheads who work at TRIMET exercising their limited power, not big bad TRIMET trying to bulldoze a cute old historic house.

Abuse of eminent domain by rogue governments like Tri-Met is a real problem. While it's a necessary evil when the public good is really at issue, I simply don't see a "Tri-Met Employee Break Room" as being in anyone's good...except perhaps the overpaid Tri-Met employees who get to use it. In order for a project to be in the "public good" it has first to be "public."

"... except perhaps the overpaid TriMet employees who get to use it."

Why is it that everyone is overpaid except for "me"? Who do you think is not overpaid? Hedge-fund managers? Darius Miles?

Not sure about overpaid, but my observation is they are overfed. How about giving them a workout area somewhere?

TriMet officials now say their plans weren’t finalized when they did the original study.

Which really means..."we didnt give you all the facts." I hope nobody was surprised.

"a group of little pinheads who work at TRIMET...not big bad TRIMET"

You say that like they are different....they're not....

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