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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A couple of Whole Foods honchos bail

Some insiders at Whole Foods sold off some shares last week -- one guy almost completely cashing out.

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Interesting. I guess as the British say, WFMI must be planning on rectifying redundancies.

I'd think this would be a prime time for WFMI's competition to take a chunk of their business, maybe even with lower pricing.

maybe even with lower pricing

Doesn't that already just about include everyone in the retail grocery business?

You haven't visited Market of Choice, Zupans, or New Seasons. All are vying for the honors of matching or exceeding Whole Foods in pricing. We have all three within 10 minutes of our house, along with several Lamb's or Bale's Thriftways. Whole Foods doesn't seem so expensive when those are basically your only choices of convenient markets. The closest Fred Meyer is 35 minutes away; Winco is about the same distance. Lake Oswego doesn't allow "big box" stores so that eliminates anything qualifying as a large market, a Fred Meyer, Costco, Target or just about anything else. The only thing I get in LO are better schools, better streets, cheaper water and sewer and, believe it or not, lower property taxes. You make your choices and live with them.

This stock is likely to consolidate at lower levels, as CNBC's Joe Kernan might say.

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