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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Winning hand

Among the great rituals of life are the periodic poker games in the Bogdanski Hut. Tonight the Mrs. and I threw one together, in a week that already had a lot going on. On paper, too much. In reality, a tonic for the soul. I really needed it, and everyone came through.

Two of the usual "Magnificent Seven" players were unavailable, but adult sons of two of the five who were in attendance stepped up to take their seats. Lo and behold, they relieved us of some money, and promptly headed off for more interesting adventures. But not before we all spent a few hours together, drinking and dining and laughing and talking and thinking and checking each other out. What great kids. How lucky we all are.

I came out only $4 down, and there's more than that lying around in leftover beer. I even got to hear some nice new music by Alison Krauss and her new partner, egads, Robert Plant!

My head's really been spinning this week, but this night was so good. Bring on the dark and the cold.

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Oh my God! Alison Krauss and Robert Plant. That's great. One of my lifelong hobbies is thinking about harmonies between big stars like this. I remember listening to a TV show where Alison harmonized with Shania Twain and it was beyond beautiful. Then you combine her with the monster vocals of Robert Plant. Amazing. My only question here is whether the phrasing coincides okay. I've always kept track of these star harmonies like when Steve Winwood sang with James Taylor on "Back in the High Life." Or George Harrison and Eric Clapton on some versions of "Run So Far." Call me wimpy, but I even love the one sound when Diana Ross and Lionel Ritchie hit the high part of "Endless Love." Even ones that don't work very well - like Paul Simon singing "Sounds of Silence" with Bob Dylan - fascinate me no end. Thanks for the tip on this.

What a nice surprise - their voices are more similar than I thought.

You can listen to the whole album online too.

Makes the next hour or two at work more pleasant.
Thanks Jack.

My lovely wife brought home the Alison Krauss/Robert Plant album and it's wonderful. I still love progressive and rock and lots of alternative, etc., along with the more melodic and laid back. Contrary to the garbage that makes it to most of the airwaves, there is so much wonderful music available. All the Emmylou Harris projects with various artists, like Mark Knopfler - great stuff.

I you don't already, tune in internet stations like www.radioparadise.com/ or www.radioio.com/ which offers many streams appealing to different tastes. Both have done so much to expose me and others to music otherwise unknown, and have served to vitalize the music industry through sales of CDs as a result.

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