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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Will they allow hitchhiking, too?

Here's a campaign to put fantasy author Douglas Adams's name on a street in Portland. Which street? Why, of course -- 42nd Avenue -- presumably on the east side. (Via Vig.)

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I have a BRILLIANT idea. To help defray expenses in the city of Portland. Why can't we all pay money to remname a street in OUR names??? Kind of like how we purchased bricks for Pioneer Square???
Think of that!!! Wouldn't that make cents for the city?
Just kidding..hahahah

kathe w. is on to something.
Why not charge a basic rate for each street name, and then if someone else wants it, let the auctions begin! The buyer would of course have to pay not only the cost of the street name, but any additonal costs incured by individulals and businesses as a result of the name changes.
Then perhaps some of this would stop.

Actually, it's kind of an inspired idea. Impracticable, anyway, but really fantastic.

who ever ever said that Portland was practical?
It is a fun idea....lemme see which street do I want to name after my Grandmother?

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