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Monday, November 12, 2007

Why I don't own a gun

Sooner or later, I would do something like this.

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Jack I think my Uncle and brothers redneck tree trimming service should join up with this guy. Just think of it.

Your trees and cars, fixed in one shot.

Generally, it's better to find something close at hand, that's cheap and replaceable, to destroy without hurting anyone, when you are that infuriated, you've had it, and you simply reach the limit.

I've been there, working in the Austin sun, in August, underneath various stubborn old trucks, covered in sweat and oil, my knuckles bleeding. While it's easy to laugh at the guy, most of us have been there, too. You have got to have the proper tools for some problems, or it's just a descent into hell and a test of one's anger threshold.

That poor idiot is probably gonna have his right to own that shotgun promptly brought to a screeching halt, too.

Of course, responsible practice with firearms is a rather excellent stress outlet, but that can be vulgar to speak of in polite society nowadays. You wind up coming off like Gordon Liddy or something.

I have a couple guns, and so far I've managed not to shoot the monitor.

It wouls seem that any fool would know the shotgun pellets would richochet off the target and most likely would hit him but that neither the pellets nor the blast force would loosen a rusted lug nut.

I wonder if this guy has had prior problems with gun safety and common sense?

Meanwhile thousands of gun owners managed to deal with their frustrating problems without shooting at a recalcitrant lug nut.

Sounds like a candidate for an "honorable mention" for the 2007 Darwin Awards.

A friend of mine sent me this yesterday, stating that the victim is a prime candidate for this year's "Darwin Award".

Absolutely amazing! We've all done dumb things and then been embarassed or even injured. This poor guy is not only wounded in the legs he's going to have trouble going out in public without a red face. The previous Darwin prizes in this category went to guys shooting gophers or moles at too close range. But shooting at a steel wheel guarantees serious ricochet. This guy must have never played pool. Thanks Jack. It helps me forget for a moment the Big Pipe, SoWhat district, and jamming new street names down our throat.

LOL the first thing I thought when I read that was...yep...evidence of Darwin's Law of natural selection in action. You guys beat me to the punch.

All I can say is, "Right tool for the right job."

I woulda used a sledge hammer.

You can't blame this on the gun. If the guy didn't have a gun, he would have found some other dangerous and inappropriate way to attack the lugnut. If anything, he is lucky he had the shotgun instead of something more dangerous, like dynamite or concentrated acid or something. He is also probably lucky he hurt himself before he got the car jacked up to where it could fall on him - as an idiot like this probably doesn't believe in jack stands.

I heard that some Chevy models come equiped with a shotgun instead of a lug wrench for just that purpose.

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