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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Trip over

Here's quite a story about an exotic cruise that ended prematurely.

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premature evacuation?

Having crusied extensively in the Pacific on a 39 foot sail boat for 3 years, and a larger trawler in the waters off Alaska and BC for the past 7 summers, and thus having some knowledge of the seas; what I do not understand is why a "a fist sized hole in the hull" could not be covered and the leak stopped enough to at least enable the passengers to put on survival suits before they got into the open life boats.
I think a couple of blankets would have done the job in the conditions I saw on the TV and the internet.
We will no doubt hear more about this.

I have just read the accounts in the Globe and Mail newspaper from Canada.
There is more and I think better information there on this subject.

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