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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Touchy feely

Here's a new format for public discussion of "gentrification." Are you ready for this? It's a "restorative listening circle."

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They forgot to mention that the meeting is mediated up by unicorns with rainbow hair who buy credits to off put their carbon hoof print.

I certainly hope all those un-gentrified folks that have relocated to cheap rent areas of Gresham, Longview and Salem are advised of this group hug.

Jack, here is another group hug renaming-your SoWhat Poodle Poop Park is now being called the "touchy, feely"...drums..."THE GRAND LAWN", thanks to PDC. I wonder if they went through the "renaming" process that Portland is now so famous for-public involvement.

So what do you think the City's preconceived solution for "repairing the harm" will be? And when did the City change the approved nomenclature from "African-American" back to "black"?

Does this mean I can get my hearing restored to normal?

"Restorative Listening Events are based on the principles of Restorative Justice which says that only when those most impacted are heard, acknowledged and efforts have been made to repair the harm can the community be made whole again. Once the following questions are answered - What happened?, Who was harmed?, How were they harmed?, and How can the harm be repaired? - we can identify ways to move forward." Sounds like how they go about renaming streets!

wow, now that is a great example of PC craziness....kinda like changing "brainstorming" to "thought showers" to not affend those with a brain injury...

Hey...At least they are not "charettes".

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