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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tagger encounters some pushback

Here's an interesting, but ugly, graffiti incident in Portland.

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Weird, a very similar incident happened in front of a martial arts school about three years ago. I think the school was down around Grand or MLK, close in eastside. In the reports on that incident, the martial arts instructor reportedly chased the graffitist, beat him up a bit and then the graffitist tried to escape by running into the street and got hit.

I wonder where this incident took place.

Is there any way to verify this blog--a police report or a news report?

This smells fishy. Unless the bar patron was the second coming of Bruce Lee, why would the dojo owner be at all intimidated?

Sounds strange.
Most everyone would know that you might be the crap out of some jerk but you don't push him into the path of a vehicle because thats going to lead to there being more witnesses.

The more you think about it, the less the story rings true.

Perhaps the author's description is flawed. Perhaps the martial artist returned to the scene, not under threat of violence, but because he had been spotted and did not want to be chased down later by the cops for fleeing.

Everyone has a different version of the same event. If you heard the same story from someone else it would probably be different. Probably just that.

Did the tagger buy his paint from one of the now locked up cases in the stores in Portland or did he go out to Gresham to buy his paint?

Depolicing leads to vigilantism. I'm not saying it's right, just inevitable.

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