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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Stiffed by Hillary

She wasn't the first one, and she won't be the last.

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"Editor's Note: Since this story aired, Hillary Clinton's campaign contacted NPR to say that the campaign paid Maid-Rite a bill for $157 the day of Clinton's visit and left $100 in tip money. NPR contacted Maid-Rite manager Brad Crawford, who confirmed that a bill was paid and tip money was left. Crawford, who was not in the restaurant at the time, said that he believes a campaign staffer left the money with one of his employees, but "where Hillary was sitting, there was no tip left." Neither Anita Esterday nor the manager on duty that day were available for comment as of noon Thursday."

Was this Editor's comment there when you first read the story?

Was NOT there when I first read it this AM.

The "Editor's Note" kind of takes the punch out of the snark.

Did Anita Esterday get any of the money? Owners are well know to keep tip money if it is given to them first.

Sure sounds like Brad Crawford is the bad guy here. Drats and too bad. A lost opportunity to continue the beloved theme of Hillary the bit--.

"Phil Singer, a campaign spokesman, said in an e-mail message, “In the minute-to-minute media cycle we live, we believe it is critical to correct the record in real time, regardless of the source. Today’s situation with N.P.R. is a case study of what we’re talking about.”"


With the way the media horde follows these candidates around and documents every time they pick their nose or scratch their butt, do you think ANY campaign would deliberately stiff a waitress like this? Especially one the candidate later mentioned in a stump speech? If you do I have a little swamp land in Florida that you can buy off me for real cheap.

The only way in which I can imagine the media not following up on this waitress-tipping story is if Clinton framed it as an issue of national security and tens of thousands of people had been killed.

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