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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Spokane sells out its parks

Portland, here's a preview of where we're heading.

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well the portland parks document says it plainly enough:

"Naming parks and/or recreational facilities with a company name is not permitted by way of City Code. Corporate logos, insignias, brands or direct advertising text shall not be used in park and/or recreational facility naming text."

Except for PGE Park etc.

I don't really have a problem with putting a Nike swoosh on a Portland Park basketball court if they refurbish the court and maintain it...I think corporate sponsorships are inevitable...setting limits and ensuring tasteful design standards will be a challenge.

I think you'll find the Nike swoosh in a number of Portland's city parks embedded in the basketball courts. I suggested to Sam Adams at one of his meetings he might be able to raise some transportation dollars if he allowed more advertising. What's funny is Adams was on the Lars Larson show today, and when asked about a different solution than Bike Boxes for bike safety said he didn't have any money for a $40,000 safety solution. That's funny, because the city reportedly just spent $60,000 in Chicago last weekend on what look like to this old bureaucrat a "boondoggle." There was a party involved.

That's because pimping Portland in Chicago is more important than meeting the needs of Portland citizens.

After all...They're gonna have to find somebody to buy all the damned condos.

Noticed bumpersticker:

"Civic Stadium is a public resource. PGE Park is corporate advertising."

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