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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Somebody noticed

This morning's post on this blog about the Portland Water Bureau's bid solicitation for real estate appraisers may have gotten an official reaction. We just received word that the deadline for proposals has been extended to the Monday after Thanksgiving, and that the deadline for asking questions -- originally set at six hours after the solicitation was first posted -- has been extended to this coming Monday.

The "addendum" makes no change, however, to the odd language in the main announcement that first describes the work as being gift- and purchased-related, but then talks in terms of damages. They may have sprayed some room deodorizer around, but there's still a fishy smell.

Comments (3)

Way to go Jack! You just scotched the deal that the Water Bureau had with its hand-picked selection that was waiting to file their response in the six-hour window. In Portland, everyone knows we don't have time to follow the legal procedure for awarding contracts, renaming streets or just about anything else. Around here, it's all back-room deals and cronyism. Please mind your own business and let us get back to business as usual.

Now, now. The six hours was just for questions. The bidding period itself was open for several days longer than that.

With the new deadline, people can now work on their proposal over Thanksgiving weekend. I'm sure the city will receive an intense level of competition for the contract, which of course must be the desired result.

I wonder if Randy Leonard read your blog today and made a call. Seems like the 2nd and Oak appraisal pissed him off a while back, so he probably didn't like this RFP. Shoot, now that I think of it, what happened to Randy as the guardian of fiscal responsibility in this town?

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