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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the "greenest" one of all?

The people building the condo towers in downtown Los Angeles.

Gimme a break. This is snake oil, people, pure and simple.

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This whole thing is getting ridiculous. I had carbon credits explained to me as Nike buying some lower carbon-generating credits from a company in Brazil for a fee to offset their consumption.

So at the end of the day, Nike produces as much CO2, the Brazilian produces as much CO2, but the Brazilian has some extra money and the broker who arranged this earns a commission.

What a smokescreen for something that makes no diff (outside of PR) in pollution.

Total snake oil. If you're worried about pollution, it all starts with China and India right now. Until they get their population growth under control, greenwashing of new buildings here is a farce.

But all you greenies are convinced we are going to cause ourselves to melt into the ocean. You should be a lot more concerned right now that Pakistan is on the brink and whether their nukes are truly secured. Because one atomic blast is going to do a whole lot more than ruin your day or create a little environmental impact.

Sounds almost like some scam, I mean scheme, I mean business opportunity that AlGore would be involved in.

You have to wonder about the scientists and other authorities who claim man made global warming is equivalent to nuclear holocaust. Even if man made global warming is true, I think I should still prefer it to nuclear holocaust. I don't think global warming necessarily leads to nuclear holocaust either. Global warming has benefits as well as negatives. Some lands covered in ice become available for settlement and some resource extraction. Have to wonder if these man made global warming authorities aren't being extremists in both their findings and projections of importance.

Of course they are being extremists. All of their funding comes based upon their gloom-and-doom findings and publishings. They won't get more money unless the sky is falling.

Carbon credits are just a way for people to buy their way out of responsibility. In other words, the American Way.

Is that LAT headline for real? It reads,

"So, what's up in downtown L.A.?"

Maybe I'm spending too much time on blogs...

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