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Monday, November 19, 2007

Make those streetcars armored

Forget Cesar Chavez -- the streets of North Portland ought to be renamed for Vito Corleone. Now gangster executions over that way are taking out multiple members of the same family.

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The latest victim was shot off his bike. Where are the bike advocates?

[crickets chirping]

The locations of these shootings is just a bit over 1/2 mile east from my home of 10 yrs. I would raise a child in that home....what a difference a 1/2 mile can make around here.

So, you think it's time to go to the mattresses, Jack?

I do.

I'll bring the freakin' ziti.

It's bad enough big stupid trucks are crushing bicyclists, but if they are now getting shot at, I'm fighting back. I'm sure my neighborhood gun shop can figure out how I can mount a semi-automatic weapon on my handle bars.


A bullet can easily travel a half a mile especially if the shooter isn't worried about the unintended downrange victims.

The half mile might make a huge difference in your property values, but won't save your life if the trajectory is just right.

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