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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Heading home

For the last couple of days, we have been on the road in pursuit of real life. Today we're heading back to Portland. There's no place like home.

As is our custom, we'll give our readers a chance to guess where we've been. We have a plane change ahead, and we'll check in there to see whether anybody's correctly located us -- that is, if the free airport wi-fi works. (On the way here, it was bad enough to make MetroFi look good.)

Here's your first clue: They've lost two games already, and one more would make their whole season a disaster.

Comments (18)

Sounds like USC on the hint except for one thing: Their whole season already is a disaster.

It is not L.A.

I'm thinking maybe Michigan?

You are incorrect.

You are at the BMI airport outside of DC. Or not.

What could you possibly find of interest in Clemson, SC?

I'm guessing Williamsburg, VA. Kingsmill Resort to be specific.


Gainsville, FL.

the Overlook neighborhood?

Austin, Texas?

Oops, sorry Pete. I didn't notice your answer 'til I hit "post."

You got it -- beautiful Austin. Where the plural of "y'all" is "all y'all," the kids are out all weekend on Sixth, and you can drop some dough in Rahodeb's house.

you can drop some dough in Rahodeb's house

So how many Whole Foods outlets are there in Austin? Hopefully they have competitors...

And shopping!!! Neiman's "Last Call" store is great!
And BBQ too!

Do they have a panhandling problem or have they solved it with a magical ordinance that renders unsightly people invisible? Crime-ridden light rail? Do their cops shoot people in the back with high-powered rifles? Can their sheriff keep it in his pants? Pedophile ex-governors? A Mafia-like group of City councilors and developers? Hey, do they have an aerial scam tram? What's a high-rise condo go for there?

Plenty of high-rise shinola going up.

Walking around downtown revealed some sad stories, but nothing like Portland today. It's another place reminiscent of Portland 30 years ago.

Sounds like they are lacking in the "visioning" department. Maybe VeraSam could assist them in enhancing their unfunded debt.

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