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Friday, November 16, 2007

Have a great weekend

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At the recent concert here Smokey Robinson told the story of how this song came to be. It was at a Motown Christmas Party - take a moment and imagine how cool those must have been - and Stevie Wonder came over. Smokey did a perfect impression with the head. (I can't remember Smokey's words exactly but you know how Stevie Wonder talks.) Smokey said Stevie told him, "'Smoke, tomorrow the creatures of the sun will dawn with the fullness of harmony." Then Smokey added, "And he was just saying, 'Hi.'" Incidentally, Smokey was extremely humorous when he wanted to be funny at the concert with a delivery just this side of Richard Pryor. Smokey also gets to say everything with that cool voice of his, so it's pretty amazing. He could have been a star as a DJ or in comedy just with that.
Smokey continued: "Then Stevie said, 'The cosmos will become cosmetics.' and I was like, "What?'" At this point Stevie told him he had this music and handed him a cassette and asked him to do something with it. The result was "Tears of a Clown."
If you really want to get Smokey's greatness as a singer, Google: Smokey Robinson Cruisin', then go to VIDEOS and pick, "Smokey Robinson Cruisin Instrumental & Acapella Sync". Various tracks have been isolated. It's so great it's ridiculous.

The genius of Smokey Robinson cannot be denied and this video is a good example of his chops.

But I can't figure out how I feel about Smokey hanging out with the shameless hucksters (and alleged Christians) at Trinity Broadcasting Network. (Google "Trinity Broadcasting Network" and "Smokey Robinson.")

For these people, it's all about having people send in the money, despite such come ons as "It's not about the money. Go to the phone."

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