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Friday, November 30, 2007

Have a great weekend

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And that's the ultra-smooth Stan Getz on saxophone.

Jack, how do you save clips from you tube?

IF YOU HAVE A MAC you can save YouTube and Google clips this way:

1. Go to the website keepvid.com and load the URL of the video into the space at the top of the page.

2. Press the DOWNLOAD button on the right. (This will download a FLV file to your hard drive. I usually save files to my Desktop so I can find them easily. Make sure you rename the file with ".flv" as the extension.)

3. Then download a free program called ISquint at isquint.com.

4. Open ISquint and drag the .flv file that you saved earlier into the "Drag files below" space and click "Start".

This will turn any YouTube video into an MP4 video file on your hard drive. It is especially useful for keeping a copy of videos that might be removed by YouTube for violating copyright or YouTube policy.

Sorry I don't know how to do this with a PC because I gave them up about 5 years ago and never looked back.

Thanks Jack, I have PC sniffle, sniffle.

Actually, that was me, not Jack.

I am sorry that I can't help with the PC version of these directions, but if you Google "download youtube videos to PC" you will get a lot of links to advice and downloads.

It's really worth it.

Or, you can just get a Mac ;p

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