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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Git along, little doggies

Well, our first delegation of the gridiron prognostication duties to Bill the Cat didn't pan out (if you'll pardon the expression). His "pick" was Cleveland, and it wasn't to be. No, if only he had moved over to his left and "chosen" the Rams, we'd be in much more respectable shape in the pro football underdog pool. We're now clearly out of the running for the season-long prizes; at this point we're playing only for pride.

Anyway, here are this week's contests, along with the latest configuration of our advanced decision-making metrics. Remember, our goal is to choose an underdog team (in CAPS) that will win its game outright:

15.5 BUFFALO vs. New England
14.5 KANSAS CITY at Indianapolis
10.5 WASHINGTON at Dallas
10 MIAMI at Philadelphia
9.5 NY JETS vs. Pittsburgh
9.5 CAROLINA at Green Bay
5.5 CHICAGO at Seattle
5 OAKLAND at Minnesota
3 ARIZONA at Cincinnati
3 SAN DIEGO at Jacksonville
3 ATLANTA vs. Tampa Bay
2.5 DETROIT vs. New York Giants
2.5 BALTIMORE vs. Cleveland
2.5 SAN FRANCISCO vs. St. Louis
2 TENNESSEE at Denver

Happy scoopin's!

Comments (2)

I'd have to go with my hometown Chargers on this one. I can't believe they're underdogs to Jacksonville, regardless of how sloppily (and that's to be charitable) they're playing this year.

Look at this. Hardly anyone chiming in. I think it's because so few have been right trying to get you your winnings. I was going to throw in the towel, Jack, but I can't leave you to clean the cat box on your own. the San Diego pick only gets you three. Go for the gold ring. BUFFALO. You're back in the game.

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