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Monday, November 26, 2007

Fervent prayer

Dear God, I know I ask for a lot, including a lot of stuff I'd probably be better off without, but if you'll grant me just this one thing: Please, please don't let anyone at Portland City Hall read this.

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That's the way it works on the International Space Station. Of course, that doesn't make it any more appealing for the rest of us.

That's the way it works on the International Space Station.

The parallels to Opie Sten's office are too frighteningly real.

Not a whole lot of difference between this and what is normally done, flush it into the river then pump it out for drinking.
Welcome to privatization.

This is another good example of where the 80/20 rule would make so much sense, but the folks that gave you the $780,000 ecoroof on the Portland building in lieu of replacing the $80,000 built up and using the money on an ecoroof roof that made sense like on accessible and adjacent to a conditioned space like on City Hall as well as to fix the darn roofs on places like the parks maintenance buildings where they leak like a sieve onto people, are not the folks use to use common sense. It is a discussion we should have in Portland, especially in lieu of the recent EPA decision requiring us to treat drinking water.

Only 10% of our water is used for drinking, and there is a very nice match between flushing and showering, in other words there is no reason that water should not be used twice.


I have worked with the recycled municipal water but it is so heavily Cholorinated that it actually corrodes the fixtures, I think the simple in home version would be helpful and folks would know where the recycled water came from, and bleach tablets in the toilet tank can take care of anything left over.

Thought I doubt it will ever be done, we should look at the cost benefit of a dual delivery system, not a muni grey water but a drinking water vs potable water and in home recycling before we start mucking with the Bull Run system.

But we don't want to come close to the privatization solution that Bechtel gave Bolivia. That was scary


Why is this news? Portland City Hall has been giving us recycled crap and old ideas for ages.

California especially has little choice. With the growing shortage of water recycling makes sense. Where and how is what they are working out now. While the focus for some time is the problems with getting enough oil--or burning too much and harming the environment--water is the problem arriving on our door steps. By the time we are forced into recycling of water here California and other dry areas will have worked out the bugs, so to speak. I'm for it!

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