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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Diplomatic initiative

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actually, any politician who suggests beating lawyers with billy clubs will probably earn my vote.

LOL. they'd be running around smacking each other.

hey, even better... keeps the politicians too busy to screw things up!

Yeah, those pesky lawyers insisting, neigh protesting to urge respect for that democratic ideal known as separation of powers under rule of law. Musharef responds declaring "whack a lawyer" day. oops - democracy takes a tumble. And some still believe the democratic ideal will be embraced in that region. The most poignant image was a pin striped, balding figure being crowd surfed to the paddy waggon - with a whack up side his bald spot. I wouldn't cheer too loudly out there.

Dude, George W. Bush is taking notes like mad!

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