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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bernie's lawyer: It's o.k. that he lied to the media

As long as there are no transcripts.

His girlfriend's apparently quite the storyteller, too.

Did they go to Seattle in a county SUV, or not?

Did they stay at a Seattle hotel, or at her daughter's apartment?

Marvin Gaye, or Barry White?

Comments (11)

Boy-shorts or thong?
Diamonds or Pearls?
We the People are the ones getting railroaded instead of these goons.

Did Bernie spit on the sidewalk?

Abe's perception is perfect.

Say what you want, but he's quite the stud muffin.

How does a guy like Bernie pull these chicks? My god, are there that many needy and stupid women out there?

What a piece of crap. Forcibly sends her husband off to rehab while sleeping with her. And she pretty much defines the term "slut". Sickening.

Lee Doss = Slut? What does she have to do with the South Lake Union Trolley in Seattle?

*****How does a guy like Bernie pull these chicks? My god, are there that many needy and stupid women out there?*****

If all you do all day long is chase skirt, you have to catch some sooner or later.

Greg C

From the O we get: "Sheriff's Lt. Bruce McCain, who is working for Giusto as his personal attorney, hung up on a reporter seeking comment."

Isn't this a potential conflict with his job as a sworn deputy who is suppossed to report violations of the law? Y'all ethics people got any thoughts?


Did Lee really go to Seattle with Bernie when her husband was in rehab?

Now Bernie has to explain how that was business related.

To Zeb:

You actually got that backwards; Bernie is not a stud muffin, he's a mud stuffin'.

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