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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another $100 million for Hoffman Construction

While they wait for the Good Old Boys at Metro to get the groundbreaking scheduled for the convention center hotel scam, the Hoffman crew (Official Construction Company of The Goldschmidt Network®) can while away their time collecting $100 million from the Neilies at the Port so that you won't have to walk 20 extra steps with your bags at the airport. Champagne all around at the Waverly tonight!

Comments (3)

Wow...I guess $100 million doesn't buy you very much these days. Geez.

Yep, Hoffman Construction will have a field day with that contract. Costs under CM/GC contracts are hard to identify and control, and I very much doubt that the Port's contract administrators are nearly as competent and creative as Hoffman's cost accountants.

But don't lose any sleep. The Port will never have a proper audit done of the project and the costs. Even if it did, the audit report would never be opened to the public. Ignorance is bliss.

This is SO TYPICAL of the Port Commission. I've attended a couple of their meetings and they seem to operate in a bubble; oblivious of any concern or input from the public.
I wonder how many people are aware that they want to move their headquarters out to the airport and vacate their less than 10 year old building in NW Portland?

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