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Sunday, November 25, 2007

All the little brothers wave their hands

O.k., it's time to get really serious for a minute. Danny Federici of the E Street Band is off Bruce's tour and being treated for melanoma, which is a scary deal. This whole getting old thing is not for sissies. We hope that modern medicine will get Danny back on stage behind the keyboard again between now and the time The Boss gets here in early spring. (Via The Vig.).

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This whole getting old thing is not for sissies.

Saw Billy Joel last night, he introduced himself as "Billy's Dad" and "Bill will be out in a minute."

Unlike Springsteen and his band, Joel really screwed his band members, who've been replaced, and last night I really missed Liberty Devito's kick-ass drumming. Joel's got nothing new, either, so his "Angry Young Man" that opened the show seemed, well, a bit weird. Still...he and I are from the same 'hood, he wrote some awesome songs, and what do you do? Rock stars are what they are.

I'd love to get 11th row seats for Springsteen like we did for Joel, but standing the whole show --as we had to to see-- well, Anne and I are getting old for that.

Anyway...here's to the health and success of band members who play no small role in their band's success.

The last time Bruce came around with the band, there were no seats on the floor. It was all standing room.

It was all standing room.

Standing room again this time. The Bean will be there, front and center once again. It's like seeing the band in a 500 seat club. Spectacular.

All good thoughts for Danny. BruceSpringsteen.net has some footage of the band intro's on Danny's last night. See you all at the show!!!

Standing room again this time. The Bean will be there, front and center once again.

Will The Bean also be boogying, dancing, waving your arms, singing along with all the lyrics...like the show is about YOU and not the band we came to see? :-)

Also...whereas I'm over six feet tall, my wife is five foot. We need to have more compassion for the wee folk. My sight lines were fine for Billy Joel, but I felt sorry for the woman in front of me --sitting directly behind some dancin' fools-- who spent the show seated in her $95 seat, able to see nothing.

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