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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A second opinion on Whole Foods stock

The quarter showed slower comps growth than usual, at just 8.4%, though Foolish colleague Alyce Lomax points out that grocery rivals like Safeway (NYSE: SWY) would slander their own grandmothers for organic growth like that. Whole Foods shares fell 12% last week, and it's tough to find anything 12% worse about the company's fundamentals than what we saw last Monday. Do your homework and act accordingly, Fool.

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I was in the Brideport Village Whole Foods Saturday...that is one huge mother ship of a store. The one in the Pearl is like a 7-11 in comparison. Are they really selling all that stuff? With everything --every display-- feeling so oversized, you had to wonder about things like profitability, and sales per square foot. All I know is I had to use my $5 coupon off before it expired.

all i know is: having worked for both whole foods and wild oats, whole foods as a company has much greater integrity and is a much better employer. wild oats was awful and i'm glad to see it go. of course, now that i don't work at whole foods (and don't have the 20% employee discount) i can't afford to shop there... so... there's that.

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