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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why Portland is going broke

Shinola like this and this.

I love the "nonprofit" entities that the Good Old Boys stick in these scams. If I were a young IRS agent out to make a name for myself, I'd be paying those fine "charities" a call.

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Willamette Week or the Portland Tribune should be our main daily newspaper in Portland, and the Oregonian should only be published on Sundays for its classifieds, sports and T.V click magazine. WW and the Tribune actually exhibit some healthy skepticism once in awhile, while the O seems more like an advertising rag for local and state government officials.

The O seems more like an advertising rag

You must have missed the breaking news story in the O today about the number of rides already taken on the aerial tram and the stunning number of paid passengers (nearly three tenths of a per cent).

Homer Williams and Jack Onder's restaurant?

Dear god, I guess if you get your nose further up the collective behinds of City Council and PDC than any proctologist would dare, you really can live your dreams.

This is getting freaking unreal! I am not clear on why they needed to buy 100 spaces for a restaurant. Does every mom-n-pop get this deal? Is Homer going to park his Segway there? Does Neil have a reserved space? Will Sam have evening dinners there? Is Chris Smith going to ride the streetcar there?

We are losing our soul to a bunch of thieves impersonating as Portland politicians and developers.

...we pay developers to develop. then we send money to the 'burbs' because the developers built housing too expensive for the average person to afford. then we ask the same developers to designate 30% of housing as affordable housing, but we pay them to do this. because it's so expensive to build in portland we then pay developers for land which we say we need. then, because it's so expensive to build in portland, we sell the same property back to the developers for less many than we paid and much less money than the property is valued at. because it's so hard to build in portland we then allow the developers to not pay taxes on their property for twenty years. after all, the developer is doing us a favor by taking our money to build on land they had to buy at below value pricing to provide housing that still isn't affordable.... I think I got it straight... but then again.

When will the Justice Department come and visit Portland? It's a Gold(schmidt)mine full of graft and corruption, ready to be uncovered.

JK: Then there are the motels on Interstate avenue that Trimet bought.

They are selling (have sold?) one to a developer for more high density crap.

I assume that, by now, everyone knows that high density CAUSES congestion. see: DebunkingPortland.com/Smart/TriMet-Hovee.htm (and the link on that page.)

I had a brief conversation with commissioner Sam at his town hall last night. He seemed disinterested in my proof that high density caused congestion and uttered something about that not being the whole picture.

Are we to believe that he is knowingly pushing high density, and the resulting congestion, against people’s will, to serve some nobler purpose. Sam, comments???


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