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Saturday, October 13, 2007

What could be clearer?

When a conservative like David Brooks tells you she's the next Alexander Hamilton or Abraham Lincoln, you need to run, not walk, away from Hillary. Bill was the best Republican President of our lifetime, and she won't be any better.

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I really don't understand why people aren't completely frightened by the fact that the far-right neocons are consistently talking about Hilary's assets and abilities, all but endorsing her. If I hadn't already decided to support Edwards, having long lacked trust in Hilary, just listening to these folks tout her winning ways would have been enough for me to turn and run much more quickly than I am normally capable of.

I'd been running away from Hillary, now I'll start running toward her, if those are her plans. I'm breaking up with Barack. I've got two kids on the brink of college, so what she says sounds like my girls will be less likely to be crushed with student loan debt. Seems to me, if her policies are aimed at closing the gap between the haves/havenots, I'm all for that. She demonstrates foresight and competence in the way she's handling her campaign, and lord knows I've come to appreciate that simple attribute.

if her policies are aimed at closing the gap between the haves/havenots

She'd close it, but as little as possible. Compared to Edwards, who'd do much more for your family, she's a Republican.

Brooks wants her to be the nominee, because he thinks she can't win, and he's probably right.

If you're paying attention to the college football season, those who can't win are (Stanford, ouch!), and the one's who are always probably right, aren't. That's the same game Brooks is in (Rich, too!), and Hillary's got game, yss? Edwards is last year's model, same as Detroit.

"Bill was the best Republican President of our lifetime, and she won't be any better."
That's been my banter for a long time, even during his administration. I never understood the hate and animosity of the repugs for their go-to-guy to push forward the repug agenda. And dimmos jumped up and down to brag on his accomplishments. Yup another repug in a skirt.

And the boss of the American Enterprise Inst. predicts that she would further shift taxation off of capital and onto labor. Nominating Hilary would be as clear a sign as possible that the Democratic Party is dead and its body taken over by the GOP:



Think-Tank Confidential
What I learned during two decades as head of America's most influential policy shop.

Thursday, October 11, 2007 12:01 a.m. EDT

. . .

We seem to be on schedule with the idea of reducing or eliminating capital taxation, and moving toward taxing consumption rather than income. (I predict that if Sen. Clinton is elected president the corporate income tax will be further reduced during her tenure). The idea of eliminating the tax exclusion of employer-provided health benefits, scorned for decades as politically infeasible (especially by conservative activists), has now been embraced by President Bush and several smart legislators.

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