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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Welches con man -- now in Beaverton?

It looks as though David, our "Welches" con man from over the summer, may have changed venue to the western 'burbs. A reader writes:

Some guy came up to my car window by Trader Joe's in Beaverton Town Center at about 5 pm today. Similar sob story..."never had to do this before, etc." "Work at Merix in Forest Grove, heading to Gresham, ran out of gas over there..." Blazers ball cap, white with logo and blue or grey hooded sweatshirt. Relatively clean cut, maybe goatee stubble. Pretty sure it’s the same guy in your picture.

Same thoughts as you posted... Good Sam, WWJD, etc., but fortunately I'd seen the scam in the Oregonian and I asked him, "Are you the guy from the Oregonian?" He said, "No, what's that about?"

Who goes to Gresham from Forest Grove via downtown Beaverton anyway?

I hope the Beaverton authorities are more interested in the crime of theft by deception than the Portland police were.

If David went into that Trader Joe's and got caught shoplifting a $3 bag of potato chips, he'd be arrested. But if he cons $20 out of somebody in the parking lot, he'd get a free pass -- at least in Portland.

Comments (4)

Looks as he us working this scam to the MAX.

Thanks for keeping Track of him.

Maybe the guy is selling franchises.

When did vagrancy get wiped off the municipal code?

Probably when the Supreme Court declared vagrancy laws to be unconstitutional -- early 80's, as I recall. Unconstitutional, because they punished status and not conduct.

This guy is a con artist.

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