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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wal-Mart fights property taxes all over the country

And scroll down -- some communities are so anxious to get a Wal-Mart that they subsidize its construction.

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Thank God Portland only subsidized Ikea and Hommer!

So Walmart is trying to pay less taxes - show me one corporation that is NOT trying to pay less taxes. Doesn't sound like they are doing anything underhanded - just appealing their tax assessements. I am not particularly a fan of Walmart, but this sounds like more Walmart bashing. Jack - I wonder if any of those well-heeled tax lawyers are former students of yours?

Oh, that's right, we are all (both private citizens and corporations) suppose to just pony up whatever any government agency says we owe them in taxes. This is a surprise? This is BAD???? Give me the freedom to shop where I choose and I'll happily give that to you. Cornelius is on track to build a WalMart and I'm all for it. Do you think that WalMart will fight it's taxes there too - I think so, heck, I hope so. I'm sure they will still pay plenty. I know that I sure contribute way more than I want/need to/or should to this state. Thank God I don't contribute to Moscow on the Willamette anymore.

This is BAD????

If you read through the article, you'll note that they lose half their cases. That's a significantly higher percetage than other corporations. What we don't know is how many jurisdictions just give in and let them have what they want, even when they have a strong case, just because they don't have the resources to fight them.

It also noted that they tried to SLAPP a county tax official - which they lost, by the way.

Yes, a systematic corporate policy of going that aggressively against local jurisdictions, and SLAPPing individuals in the government, is bad. At least it is in my book.

Yeah - we can read too. Same tactics many others use to avoid paying taxes. "Bad"? According you, perhaps. As I see it - corporate america up to its same old stuff, perfectly legal, and made so by the same corps through lobbying US & state legislatures. My point is, this is just more Walmart bashing - it isn't news.

Same tactics many others use to avoid paying taxes.

OK, I'll concede that the appeal tactics are probably the same approach that many others use, and they're just done at a different intensity level. But not the SLAPP suit against the individual. As far as I know, corporate abuse of that tactic has pretty much been limited to environmental activists, not local officials just doing their jobs. Walmart is paving new ground here.

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