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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Transit-oriented bank robbery

East side MAX is sure getting its share of (cough) interesting riders these days.

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You think he paid his Max fare. Does anybody pay?

I pay.

I also walked by that Sterling Bank 4 minutes ago.

If the goal of the transit system is to provide a feasible alternative to cars, this is just more evidence that it's working -- escaping a crime? take tri-met!

maybe they can add it to the "Things To Do" poster series.

It's sustainable.

Jack, isn't the poor MAX dysfunctional enough for you to be picking on it again?

I like MAX, except for the scummy people it's attracting. All it needs is about a dozen cops and fare inspectors, actually on the lines working all day and night. The millions we've been blowing on more convention center hotel "study" cr*p would have gone quite a ways in this regard.

Since they caught him at the very next stop, I'll bet the suspect is now a fan of running the trains a bit faster on a dedicated ROW.

Could you imagine trying to use MAX as a getaway through downtown?

Could you imagine trying to use MAX as a getaway through downtown?


The only way one might make his getaway on the MAX would be to go in one door and immediately out another. Once you're on board, your trapped like a sardine until the next station.

Of course, for bank robbers and regular commuters, the glacial speed of the MAX is better passed by reading a book or newspaper.

"I like MAX, except for the scummy people it's attracting."

>>>> Sorry, Jack--there are just too many other worms in the MAX operation besides the scummy people. Portland would have been much better off if MAX had never been built and the money invested in the bus system instead.

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