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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Swallow all liquids before clicking

Because this is just too, too, too freakin' funny.

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Are you sure this isn't a joke? I mean, not that Brownie isn't doing a heckuva good job, but ...

Cut him a break. Katrina was a flood. So Cal is fires. There's a BIG difference.

WTF? You gotta be kiddin' me.

Too, too, too totally funny. Being in P.R. Image World, means never having to apologize when everyone else laughs in your face ... like Idaho's Craig's CBS's 60-Minutes 'appearance.'

So, on the SoCal inflammation: The radio said, as I heard it, 1700+ homes destroyed and 400 acres blackened -- pfffft!, is that all? "400"? Must be a misprint; or my bad, a misheard. 400 acres ain't even one square mile, (640 A. per 'section' in "legal property description," as we all know ... and 36 Sections per Township (6 X 6), no duh, TenskwaSherlock).

'They' sure are getting a lot of burning fear out of only 400 acres, if that's all it is. Early 'news tips' lipped off that some of it started in arson, firemens sez. Investigative reporter 'news' said it started just two days after all the firefighter extra-contingent "seasonal employees" were dismissed and disbanded from their summer jobs, standing-by, (surely, only an administrative official might know that dismissal date? and surely, a reporter would know how to find them and ask? ... stay tuned, for news).

It seems to me there's 3 sorts of arsonists -- 1)delinquent kids, 2)ax-to-grind adults, or 3)insurrectionist subversive-adults calculating trickery to frame the flameblame on 'ax-to-grind adults' and point gossipy fingers saying 'they' did it.

So, today, a Thom Hartmann caller said he heard FUXnews reporting that Al Qaeda leaders confessed during FBI torture for interrogations four years ago -- there's a Memo!! from then -- that Al Qaeda's master plan's next step was to do some arsoning, here and there, and burn this country down ... because 'they' hate our standard of living.

That proves it: FUXnews sez Al Qaeda set SoCal on fire, all of it, from the ocean to Arizona. Heckuva job, blackening, get right on that, brownie.

Jack, Tenskwatawa has got to go, he is sick. State of Oregon, please open Damish Hospital.

If we could just figure out how to flood Southern California. Problem solved.

The current fire disaster in California is a tragedy for all of us in the nation.
The economic and political ramifications will be with us all for some time.
I have been receiving emails from friends in the center of the firestorm in the Escondido area and their stories are truly horrific. People have lost, and are loosing everything they have.
It seems to me that all of us as fellow citizens should do all that we can to assist those in need as some of us did for the victims of the hurricanes.
The "smart" remarks can be shelved permanenty, along with Michael Brown, as useless and not helpful at all.

I'm just surprised that (The 300 Club's) Rev. Pat Robertson hasn't asserted that the fires are God's retribution on California for all the deprevity and liberal living.

Alas, it's about time for him to proclaim his recurring "Sodom & Gomorrah" refrain!

"If we could just figure out how to flood Southern California. Problem solved."

The global warming flood is imminent, I saw it in Al Gore's movie! But since it is all Bush's fault, no doubt the flood waters will show up a week too late, and cause global erosion! Bush, he can't do anything right!

Oh Tensk,

It's easy to role out stuff.
How's this?

The fires were arson. Set by eco-enviro/global warming nut jobs who think they are saving the planet by providing the global warming hysteria some fresh fodder to demagogue?

Oooooh, now you've gone and hurt my feelings. Self-pity parrrr-tee, my place; oar yours. I maybe have friends in low places, as much as I haunt the halls of the Capitol Bldg. in Salem, defnitly defnitly defnitly ... but what plumb evades me is seeing where I may be occupying someone else's space.

Is there fewer words in the dictionary or less RAMs in the internets, after I wastrel-like spend some? Or simply smaller areas of ignorance in minds, if knowledge seeps through barriers .... I'm unsure where the crowding is felt, requiring trespasser eviction.

Other sites in the 'real' world, I found, also noted the actionable atrocious libel of FUXnews and LIARS like them, viz: FUXNews: Al Qaeda is causing the CA wildfires. This morning on FUXNews, hosts of the show FuxFriends blamed the wildfires in California on a new culprit: al Qaeda. They pointed to a 2003 FBI memo, which raised the possibility that al Qaeda may try to set wildfires around the western United States. They also noted that men in a “hovering helicopter” saw “a guy starting one of these fires.” Watch it: [video at link]

There's more reading at that site, including Comments saying what the good majority of folks say: FUXNews is fairly imbalanced, knowhatImean,Vern? Example, and favored: 5. Please middle America - turn off the TV, walk outside - and get some exercise. When you come back in the house - shoot your TV. -- Comment by plunger

Since I don't watch TV, at all, may I be studying the seemingly more data which seemingly reaches me sooner, than the nonsense TV watchers get? Yes, I may.

However, I have NOT found (besides 400) another number for the total acres consumed, and even if it is quaduple that, by now, such area is comparatively small; although quite surely it is chock-a-block with homes, and there is much damage and suffering, and I grieve with those afflicted and look to help -- last night, I even made calls to three friends in that region, for news and in sympathy, and got to leave three answering machine messages for my worries. Anyway, my point of contention is that FUXNews and the ilk, (read: flame-lust TV), is unnecessarily sensationalizing the ordeal, is lying-by-omitting the area's record of drought and connections of that with wide-measured climate change, and is determinedly instilling amplified FEAR and TERROR in FUXNews viewers.

(... 'twas all they had got / Selling eternal apples, and amplified heat / and Pressed Rat's collection of dog legs and feet -- Cream, Ginger Baker)

And, I do NOT know: Can you even read a legal property description and from it, locate the plat on a map? The particulars were effects of a compilation of legislation, from the Land Ordinance of 1785 to the 1862 Morrill Land Grant College Act, which combining is the instituted funding of universal free public education, perhaps America's greatest contribution to the commonwealth of humankind, as taught we in Miss Mitchell's 2nd grade class somewhere in the wilds of eastern Oregon during IKE's first term, and which Acts and property surveyance is unforgotten since, by me, defnitly defnitly defnitly. (Cite: TinyURL.COM/24mqlu -and- TinyURL.COM/2x65ws )

My behavioral (mis)demeanors seem, in brief, well improved sans medication since the days here preoccupied in relating the prophetic visions visited in me of 9/11 fireballs and Dubya's defenestration. It'd'a gagged you with a 'toon. Show's over, scroll down.

Ben: incidental contact; I was unaware of your comment while I was composing. Now I see what you say; but I'm only talking about what FUXNews said.

meg: that mud's for you.

I found my number.

It wasn't 400 acres -- it was 400 square miles.

Now reportedly 700 square miles !

Pushing 500,000 Acres. A monstrous disaster.

The 2003 fires were recorded as 750,000 Acres. Yet, with all due reverence, mute in horror then and now, it is indecent and unacceptable to NOT ask, ultimately, How did this happen?, Who did this?

Feds Join Probe in SoCal Wildfire, JEREMIAH MARQUEZ, October 24, 2007
LOS ANGELES — Federal agents joined the search for evidence Wednesday in brush-covered Orange County hills where an arsonist is believed to have ignited one of the wildfires devastating Southern California.

In San Bernardino County, a man suspected of starting a small fire was arrested and another man was shot to death by police after he fled officers who approached to see if he might be trying to set a fire.

Wildfires, burning ...

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