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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sam Adams beer boycott is on

The trademark flap between Samuel Adams (the beer) and certain fans of Sam Adams (the next mayor of Portland) is quickly shaping up into a consumer boycott. Don't drink Sam Adams! And tell the corporate intellectual property bullies what you think of their harassment, here.

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I can still drink Henry's for the time being and still be considered "progressive," right?

This one isn't a "progressive" thing. Mark and Dave are pretty middle-of-the-road geezers.

So we're going to elect a bottle of beer as mayor? Or will it be a sixpack?

The City Council is clearly a few bottles short of a six-pack.

Middle-of-the-road geezers? Try two of the most happenin' dudes in Portland. Dave Anderson's easily the most successful comedian in town, although I have to give props to the globe-trotting Dwight Slade, and Mark Mason is not only a major radio talent, but the Blazers announcer as well. Besides, they took me out to lunch once and they paid.

Best Mark Mason line: "Buh-RRRRRAN-don a-ROY!"

I wonder what Founding Father Sam Adams would say about this flap over his name.

Recall that he was a brewer, an instigator of the Boston Tea Party and an advocate for republicanism.

If the current day brewer can use his name for its products, then surely a man with the same name can use it for a campaign website. Or, perhaps some sharp lawyer should sue them both on the (shaky) grounds that neither upholds the political and philosophical tenants that Founder Adams left us.

A quick search at the USPTO website indicates the "Sam Adams" mark is registered for three categories: Beverages (namely beer and ale), Entertainment Services (a contest on TV and a radio show), and Goods and Services: T-shirts (design mark specifically disclaiming the use of "Samuel Adams" in reference to a living person). I don't understand how the "mayor" websites infringe. Sounds like much ado about nothing, except that Sam gets some free press.

I would rather vote for Mark and Dave over Sam Adams any day! Sam Adams is a liberal joke! But hey if you people of Portland want years and years of the same as you have had under Harry...oops I mean Tom Potter, elect this man.

I raise my bottle of Sam Adams to ya!

Mark and Dave..

99 and 44/100% hate free!

I sent my mail to Sam Adams (the brewery). What is up with their website constantly asking me to verify my age? I am not trying to DRINK the beer (and wouldn't drink it anyway... filthy mass-produced PILSNER).

Are people under 21 unable to obtain information about beer now?

What about foreigners interested in American products, foreigners in lands without the ridiculous 21 law?

I'd say their corporate lawyers have been screwing things up for some time, and only now that it hits home do we over here in Beervana notice.

What 'tards!

@Gullyborg: Maybe Sam Adams (the politician) should have his website constantly verify age. You know, to keep out those troublesome 17 year olds?

/ducks and covers...

At Witigonen we're also calling for a boycott.

They are trying to punish Portland because we prefer Pabst.

Speaking of boycotts, I try to boycott downtown Portland as much as I can. And, as for local elections, I'd rather vote Wal-Mart for mayor than Sam Adams the person.

Why on earth would any Portlander drink Sam Adams beer when we've got no shortage of high quality LOCAL beers from which to choose? Give me a Bridgeport, Rogue, Deschutes, Hood River, etc. etc. etc. any day of the week.

I think the lesson here is "Don't swallow Sam Adams."

"Recall that he was [...] an instigator of the Boston Tea Party"

Publicity stunt: The Portland Beer Party involving kegs of Sam Adams beer dumped into the Willamette.

It's a shame to waste decent beer, but it might clean up the river a bit.

Well, instead of voting for "none of the above" I follow the previous lead and suggest we push a write in campaign for Wal-Mart, or Randy's favorite: Ikea!

I'll drink my Samuel Adams lager. It'll make up for the stupidity that is Sam Adams the potential mayor of Portland.

I think people have got this all wrong. Since Sam Adams (the beer) has a trademark on the name Sam Adams, why doesn't Sam Adams (the politician) start an on-line poll on what his new name should be?

Who knows, this could lead to a whole new reality show.

I like the idea of a Portland Beer party... but what sort of environmental impact study would we need to do first?

I like the sound of a Portland Beer Party, but as a political party, not just a one-time beverage dump. And I know just the guy to be its inaugural chair!

progressive must be a code word for stupid

I have never had Sam Adams beer, but I am going to drink only that this weekend to make up at least three of the boycotter's share.

Wait, do people in Portland even drink Samual Adams beer? Hard to boycot something we don't already use!

Oregon beer rules!

I sent my complaint to the beer company on Tuesday and low and behold, a response today. It wasn't a form letter because it addressed my individual concerns.

My primary concern was that a simple Google search could have told them that Sam was running for mayor, and their representative agreed that they should have done one before sending the letter.

I will give The Boston Beer Company credit for taking the time to personally answer my complaint. Their response was good enough for me. Case closed.

I am still waiting for my free six-pack.

Sam Adams beer is okay - though there are better beers made in this area. As for Sam Adams the pol - I can't think of anything nice to say about him - so I won't.

Come visit http://samadamssucks.org to sign my petition sending Boston Beers the message that Mark and Dave should be allowed to keep those domains.

Give me a break. the sam adams folk, by the way one of the few independent nonintergalactic breweries in the world, immediately said go ahead and use it when they realized it wasnt someone trying to make money off them...end of story... they got hosed in the past, now they are getting hosed by media enterprisin only telling half the story to get a hit for ratings....its as disgusting as britney on the cover of all these mags lately just to make a buck.....and its so obvoious.

Just about every word in that comment is inaccurate. Go have another Sam Adams.

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