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Monday, October 1, 2007

One of a kind

The Lewis & Clark Bicentennial celebration has come and gone. Two hundred years ago, by now the Corps of Discovery was already a year off the road, basking in the glow of their heroism.

Except for William Clark's black slave, York, who spent at least a decade more in captivity. Mostly forgotten for a couple of centuries, York's enjoyed a mini-revival in the Portland area over the past several years. An elementary school in the Couv has been named after him, and a street in Northwest Portland, which has long carried the name York, has been confirmed as being named after him.

A group that's working on creating a permanent memorial to York on the Lewis & Clark College campus informs me that they're getting close to their fundraising goal for the first element, a sculpture. There's also hope for an academic center to study public memory, which in York's case suffered a bit of a lapse. There are some interesting podcasts about him here and here, and more information about the memorial project here.

There are worse things you could do with a few bucks than remind people to think about this remarkable American experience.

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The Lewis & Clark rowing program acquired a new crew shell last year and left it to the student athletes to name the boat. They overwhelmingly chose to christen it the "York."

My friend Charles Neal is the driving force behind the LC York Memorial. He's a great guy and it's a great project.

Alas, poor York, we barely knew ye.

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