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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

More on Super Smitty

The O gave us some more information about Portland's new school superintendent, Carole Smith, today. Here's a quotation that jumped out of the story:

"She was geared to be an advocate for those who didn't have a voice in the system," said Mason. "She's a very cooperative and consensus-building leader but she can be as fierce as a mother bear when she feels the things closer to her are being affected."
Gotta like the sound of that.

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I wish we heard the same about Hillary. Not the fierce part, I sense she has that attribute in spades, but the consensus building/cooperative attitude. Edwards/Obama -united for peace -08.

I have no idea how that translates into a better education for kids. I mean Mr Leonard is probably as fierce as a bear if someone stares wrong at FPDR. Mre telling would be what are the things close to her?

However, thank god, they have learned and realized a country-wide search is not a gurantee of anything besides the new candidate leaving his issues behind. I hope knowing the system helps her to change it for the better. Schools really deserve at least as much priority as streetcaars in this town.

Jack, you seem to be dancing around the fact in at least two posts that no one is saying she's gay.

Who cares?

What the heck are you talking about? I could care less about that. I'm interested in whether she's rich and part of the West Hills power club, or a regular Portlander.

I don't care if she is gay either.
And I'm sure it doesn't matter to most people around here.
But now that someone raised it, is it acceptable to ask if she is?
Maybe some people don't appreciate even asking?
I don't know?

The linked article says she has had a female domestic partner for nearly 30 years.

The Super has just sent out a warm, humble, professional e-mail welcome to all of her workers, including the bus drivers, who work hard too and it appears PPS is off to a good start.

We wish her well.

Forgive me Jack. I, like others, misinterpreted your comments thinking you were trying to "out" Carole Smith without asking the question.

We still don't know if she is gay, even though a prima facie case could be made for that conclusion based on "her female partner of 27 years"

What ever!

All that aside, you are correct. We do not know in what circles she travels. We do not know as you point out "... whether she's rich and part of the West Hills power club, or a regular Portlander."

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